The Big Reveal

by Vanessa on April 7, 2011

A few years ago Chris and I decided we needed to make a significant change in our lives. Neither one of us at the time new exactly what that change should be – just that it was needed. We were living in a small semi-detached house and wanted to spice things up. Truth be told, the house renovations were finished and we were bored.

One night after consuming several glasses of wine, Chris and I got to talking about “said” change. Glass by glass we talked about our love of travel and how it would be awesome to just pick up and move somewhere exotic.

Initially, we joked about moving away permanently to a warmer climate as we both HATE winter.

Well for those who don’t know me well, I’m a VERY cautious person. I tend to be rather risk-adverse and I am a SUCKER for my family, who all live in close proximity to Toronto.

So instead of moving away forever – we contemplated moving away for 1 year. We continued to entertain this idea for about a summer. We would dream about enrolling the kids in an international school, studying a new language and exploring another culture entirely.

Then reality set in and well….we bought a bigger house. Our plans to move abroad were delayed by about 3 years. We never gave up on this dream – life just sort of – got in the way.

A few months back my aunt Mich passed away suddenly. This has been a devastating loss to all of my family. She was very young and so very much apart of my life.

Her death has acted like a catalyst in so many ways for me. Not only has it reminded me that life is short and precious, it has taught me how to make every moment count. In today’s world it is nearly impossible to stop and take a breath. We could ALL benefit from doing this from time to time. I now understand the meaning of living in the “now” instead of waiting for “tomorrow”. Mich’s tomorrow never came.

At the end of 2010, we bit the bullet and decided it was time to make “said” change. Chris decided to take a much needed and deserved break from work. We call it his mini-retirement.

Plane tickets are booked, house has been leased, and car has been reserved. We have 8 weeks left before we leave and still so much planning to do. We leave at the beginning of June.

Where are we going, you ask?


The South of France to be exact.

We are finally taking our “Breath” and going to experience our dream of a life abroad, even if only for 2 1/2 months.

Don’t worry Mich – I will be packing you in my suitcase. Ashes to be scattered. If only you were here…you could come visit. In my dreams perhaps…

It is with a warm hello that I welcome you to the Umi Family blog where we intend to chronicle our adventures in France this coming summer.

Hope you can follow along. Happy reading.

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