The Big Crack

by Vanessa on August 2, 2011

To forgive or not to forgive…that is the question.  Things have been going really smoothly for us in France, probably too smooth.  I knew something bad was bound to happen and sure enough it did.

The other day while Chris was helping me clean the bathroom, he leaned his one hand on the counter to clean the mirror.  All of sudden, he hears this crack and looks down.  The bloody countertop cracked.  Not kidding. This is a one piece marble countertop!!

I’m sure he was sitting downstairs for like 20 minutes trying to come up with the best way to tell me.  As I am cleaning the kitchen, this is what he says, “Um, babe – we’ve got a problem”.  Um – sorry – but – WE have a problem.  How is this my fault!  Where is the WE in this!

He goes on to tell me what happened.  He explains to me that there are no supports under the counter.  It was not properly installed.  He’s a mechanical engineer and I know he knows about structural design.  This counter was going to break.  Yes – BUT – does it have to happen to US!  I mean – you break a dish – you replace it – or whatever – but a – freakin’ COUNTERTOP.

I went downstairs to check it out.  This is what came out of my mouth, “S!*T” and every other explicit choice of words I could muster without the Angels hearing.  I then told him as he continued to talk, that I needed to walk away and not talk to him.  When I am REALLY MAD – I actually need to NOT talk because I know I will say something I will regret.  It’s rare that I don’t say anything :)  But I needed a few minutes to calm myself – and then – I LET HIM HAVE IT.

Chris took pictures and then went over to talk to the wonderful people who run, He explained to them what happened and they dealt with the entire situation very professionally.  (I’m totally embarrassed.)

I’m still obsessing over the damage and wondering how much this is going to cost!  As if our France trip hasn’t cost us enough already.  We were doing so well – 7 weeks in and no damage.  I was proud of us – thought we were in the clear.  My bad!

I have to always remember that if something is going to break, it is going to happen with Chris around.  I am not sure how many of my father’s axes he has broken helping him chop wood at the cottage.  It’s become a long standing joke now in the family.

Chris’ intentions are always great.  He is great!  But it just seems like if something is on the verge of breaking, Chris is the one to break the final straw.  I love him dearly – but I’m still pissed!  Maybe I will forgive him tomorrow – still undecided.  Today – he is not allowed to touch anything else in the house!

Bloody Hell!

C’est le temps pour du vin.

PS – Angel # 2 says, “You do not want to see me naked – trust me!”



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