Re-Discovering Marseillan

by Vanessa on August 4, 2011

Bienvenue a Marseillan…with my parents in town, it’s like everything is new for us.  We are walking them around the village taking them through our daily routine.  We almost feel like we are starting our vacation over again.  It’s hard to believe we have only 2 weeks left.  Seriously people – where does the time go?

So far, we’ve taken my parents to see the Carrefour, gone to the local Boulangerie (bakery), to the Butcher and to the amazing Fruits / Veggie Market.

We went to the Marseillan Plage today.  The Angels wanted to show Grandma, Michie’s Beach (aka Robinson Plage).  Mich was my mom’s baby sister.  My parents have to get used to the wind at the beach and the blowing sand.  But they thought the spot was just beautiful.  They also thought the sea was freezing – 18 celsius.  I prefer to think of it as REFRESHING.  It’s all about how you frame it, n’est ce pas?

I made a wonderful French dinner for my parents (recipe from cookbook here in the house).   Throughout dinner my parents were recanting stories about my childhood. The Angels were delighted.  They kept asking my parents for more, “Again, Papa – another one!”.  They were laughing so hard.  They also wanted to hear stories about my brother.  My Dad retold a story about the, one and only, time he ever bought my brother cotton candy. He said after he ate it – he turned into a monster.  The Angels thought he meant – a real monster.

Later we strolled down to the Church square to show them how the French party. On our way to the party – the Angels were stopped in the street by some teenagers who were gushing over them.  They were speaking in French – but they kept saying “OMG – she’s so beautiful, her eyes.  OMG – look at her hair. ”  So funny!  We had to translate.  They kept saying they would take the Angels off our hands.

Tonight was a concert called Grand Bal with Paul Selmer.  Funny how these concerts are named.  Who is Paul Selmer?  And why are there so many singers on stage if the show is named after one guy?  Events / street names here in Marseillan are named after people or actual dates, like Rue 4 May, 1945.  Bizarre.

We parked our butts at the Marine Bar and had drinks on their patio while the Angels played under the infamous party tree.  All the kids congregate under this tree and hang on it as the branches are low enough for them to reach.

My Dad (aka Papa) bought the Angels cotton candy. They were so pleased they conned my parents into this.  They have been asking us for it since we arrived.  The Angels also managed to sucker my parents into paying for them to ride the merry-go-round.  Chris and I were convinced the girls would be bored silly on this ride.  Turns out – we were wrong.  They LOVED it. They came back to us saying it was awesome and they can’t wait to go again.  CRAP!  Thanks Mom and Dad :)

The concert was great – they put on a great show.  I thought the music sounded a lot like the Bridget Jones’ Diary soundtrack.  Until – they busted out the Black Eyed Peas remix of “I Had The Time of my Life”.  The BEP’s are a hard band to cover but Paul Selmer and the gang did an okay job of it.

We decided to head home a little earlier than normal.  The Angels were very tired.  After the Angels ate their bloody cotton candy – they too turned into monsters.  OMG.  My Dad was right – lesson to all parents – avoid cotton candy.  Your kids will turn on you in a heartbeat. ANGELS to DEVILS!!

We continued the dance party on the rooftop patio listening to the music until well past midnight.  The band started singing JLo’s “On the Floor”.  That’s when my Dad busted out some serious dance moves.  Everyone was so tired by that point – he was the only man standing.

Tomorrow night there’s another party – until then…

We were laughing at the back of this guy's shirt. Chris took a photo.

Merci a Vous!


PS – The Angels are now moderating my blog.  They are asking me not to write certain things about them, or telling me what to include in the blog and what pictures to add.  Too cute!  They must think this is my new business.    I would LOVE to be a professional blogger.


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