Pizza in the Park

by Vanessa on July 26, 2011

Tonight we ordered pizza from the local fast food joint called Sancho. We walked down to the park with the pizza, some wine and dined.  I don’t enjoy drinking wine out of plastic water bottles (snob – yes – I like a nice wine glass) but Angel # 1 really wanted to eat in the park.  She’s been watching families do it around here since we arrived.  Like mommy, Angel # 1 wants to feel like a local.

If you live in the heart of the village you don’t have much real-estate, no yards and not everyone has a rooftop patio – so people go to the park for outdoor dinners sometimes…especially if they are having a large family gathering.

We watched the Angels run around and play.  They thought it was one of the best dinners ever.  The pizza was okay.  I miss the pizza from home – better crust.

A classical music concert followed later that evening in the Church.  We thought we would take the Angels in to listen.  We found out they recommend you pay between 5 -10 E each to enter the Church.   I was prepared to make a donation – but not that much.

We were feeling cheap.  So we turned home.  We also knew the Angels would sit still for about 10 minutes and then say they were bored.  We didn’t feel like wasting money.  If it was just Chris and I – we would have gone in to listen.

Lately, Angel #1 is getting really curious about the woman’s body and how it operates.  The other day completely out of the blue – she asks me why women bleed.  Um – as I have a mouthful of toothpaste….OMG, I think she’s asking me about the menstrual cycle…and it’s only 9 am…and I’m brushing my teeth.

Don’t you just love how kids catch you off guard all the time?  It would be wonderful if they would ask you these questions when you are relaxed, chilling with a glass of wine and maybe by a computer so you can Google the right answer.  And by right, I mean the AGE appropriate answer.  You never want to give them more information than they are mentally prepared to digest, just enough to answer the question.

I went on to explain, that a women’s body goes through a cycle.  When she bleeds, that means there is no baby inside of her.  When she doesn’t bleed, there’s a baby inside her (yes – there are a whole host of other reasons for that.  She’s 6…let’s not complicate the matter).

I went on to tell her that her body will make changes when she’s between 11 and up.  It’s her body’s way of preparing her to be a mother one day.  I then thought about what I had said…and back-pedaled for a moment to let her know that when you are a ‘tween – your body is just PREPARING you to be a mother.  You are not ready to be a mother, it’s getting you ready for when you are an ADULT.  I had to stress the word adult.

I really didn’t teach her all that much but she seemed satisfied with my answer – for now!  I’m really failing at this parenting thing.  I never know the right thing to say.

Like the time Angel  #1 asked me how babies get in your belly.  It was first thing in the morning while getting them to school.  I didn’t even have a coffee in me yet.

You are wondering what I said, right?

Well – Angel #1 loves nature and gardens.  So I thought I would try to make it sound like a seed that is planted and watered and grows into a beautiful flower (aka baby).


I thought I could leave it there – she still wanted to know how it GETS INTO the mommy’s tummy. (Why is Chris never around for these conversations :) )


I then proceeded to tell her that mommies and daddies hug really tight and that’s how the baby gets in.  I know – laugh!  This was her response, “Well, when I grow up, I never want to hug a boy tightly.”

I can only hope she will stay true to what she said for a very LONG time.  Me – I’m still shaking my head at my answer.  FAILURE.  Another moment for great parenting and I mess it up.  That’s how I roll, people, I parent in the moment.  Everything is trial and error!

Somedays I feel like I am growing up with my children. One day I will learn.  Let’s just hope I don’t mess the Angels up too much in the process.

Oh Bien!

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