Officially Insane

by Vanessa on July 27, 2011

This is what happens when the Angels are bored.

Insane, insane in the membrane…

Two legit, 2 legit to quit….

Hammer Time….

Okay – enough with the bad music, but the lyrics just keep coming.  And sometimes, I just feel like breaking out into song – is that so wrong!  Now onto the post.

It was not that long ago that I was tossing and turning at night, worried about everything France.  Well – it is starting up again, only this time, I’m worried about going HOME.

Every night when my head hits the pillow, regardless of how much I’ve had to drink, I have a difficulty falling asleep.  I’m already in planning mode for when we go home and we still have roughly 3 weeks remaining.  What the hell is wrong with me, people??  All I can think of is my to-do-list for home.  Stupid.  I wish these thoughts would go away. I’m still on vacation for crying out loud.

But as always, I plan.  So involuntarily my brain turns on at night and makes mental notes.  What am I thinking about?

I have been organizing our belongings in my head.  I’m going over all the things we need to remember to pack up.  I’m worrying about our suitcases and if they are too heavy even though we haven’t bought much.

I’m worrying about getting my job back teaching fitness classes.  Will they have a spot on the FALL schedule for me or will they have forgotten about me?

I’m worried about heart failure during the Try-A-Tri :)  I have not been motivated to workout.  I really need a group.  I feed off energy from other people and the music.

I’m wondering how my house is holding up and what my air conditioning bill will be when we get back.  I can see from everyone’s Facebook updates that Toronto is experiencing the typical summer heat-wave, the kind where you don’t want to leave your house.  That’s how it is in Toronto (stay inside during winter  / stay inside during summer).  The weather in Marseillan – WAY BETTER!

I’m worried about how long it is going to take me to lose the 10 pounds of baguette, cheese and wine that are now officially stuck to my ass.  I have a workout regime planned in my head.

Finally, do I keep the blog after this trip is over or end it altogether?  I love this blogging thing….great new hobby.  Only problem – I’m not that interesting.  France has really helped with my street creds :)

If I do continue to blog, it will be under a new name.  I’m leaning towards “ALL THINGS UMI”.  This could be where I chronicle all things UMI and beyond (a play on the U & ME).  I am open to suggestions and titles.

So it’s official – I AM INSANE.  I’m stressing already and I’m not even back home.  I have the cold sores on my lips to prove it.

Think black hole – nothing but black.  This is my bedtime mantra once again.  I finally drift off to sleep where I will continue to toss and turn all night, my dreams never to be remembered the next morning.

Sleep well my friends.

Faites des beaux reves!



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