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by Vanessa on July 31, 2011

I have been including pictures in some of my blog posts that are done by a local artist in Marseillan.  His name is J.C Chabrol and his studio is just steps away from our house.

This morning he came over to introduce himself.  He invited us in to his studio and gave us a tour and a brief history of Marseillan.  He also gave us some postcards he painted as a take-away.

He paints on canvas and is incredibly talented.  He captures the essence of Marseillan through caricature paintings. But we also got to see some incredible landscape paintings he has done.

Angel # 1 is an artist in her own right.  She loves to draw, colour and paint.  She wants me to bring her over to the studio later today with her sketch pad.  Angel #1 wants to show the artist some of her work :)  I think that is super cute.  And, I think Chabrol will get a kick out of it. [Update:  Angel #1 drew him a picture of a jaguar on rocks.  We delivered it later in the day.]

If you are ever in the Marseillan area and are looking for some paintings to fill up blank wall space, he is the man.  Come by and check out his work.  I bet he could even paint a picture of you on the spot.  He is very talented.

I’ve included some pictures of his work for fun!


PS – Word is getting around Marseillan that I have created a blog.  Oh no!  Now I’m a little worried.  I may have to start censoring what I write.  I would hate for anyone to be offended :)

JC Chabrol

JC Chabrol

JC Chabrol

JC Chabrol

JC Chabrol


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