Just For Laughs

by Vanessa on July 29, 2011

I am terrible at telling jokes.  Guaranteed – I can never remember the punch line. So instead – I will share my stories. This post is simply intended to make you laugh.  Take a few moments out of your busy day and find the humour ahead.

– Naked neighbour got his hair cut.  He looks rather handsome.   Good move with the haircut, buddy.  Still feels like I was in a Seinfeld episode the night of the crazy storm.

– A neighbour has trained his bulldog to do his pooping business over the sewer grate. GENIUS!

– The cat from the roof came into our house sneaking right up on me the other night.  Chris had to scare it outside. Love animals but this cat stares me down at night.  He’s tormenting me. [Update: Chris tells me the cat is now throwing himself at the patio door trying to get in.  Something is wrong with this kitty :) ]

– Waking Chris from a nap after lunch the other day – he says, “I’m experimenting with siesta”.  Funny – that guy’s whole life involves siestas.  He falls asleep anywhere, like on the middle of floor during a party when everyone is talking.  I think this may be his way of not having to participate in conversations when he’s bored :)

– A man (neighbour / renter) taking pictures out front of his house on the street – wearing only his underwear (as in tightie whities).

– A man & woman (assuming husband & wife) at Capelet.  Wife picking her husband’s zits on the port.  The zits were on his back.  She was picking them in public. We all do it.  But all zit picking must be done in private, people :)

– When we first arrived in France, I went to the Carrefour to buy laundry detergent.  Instead, I purchased a liquid Bounce equivalent.  I didn’t realize this until after our first load of laundry.  I then understood why our clothes were still dirty – but damn they were soft and smelled nice :)  Live and learn!

– First time I bought garbage bags for our bin, I bought the wrong size (as in 2 x times too small).  I can’t read measurements – this includes French numbers :)

– Angel # 2 says to me, “I’m going to keep you forever”.  Two seconds later this sentence is followed up by, “I promise to never take my seat belt off when you are driving”.  How the two are related, I will never know!

It’s important to laugh a lot, it keeps you young.  If anything, I hope I made you smile today :)

Rire est bon pour vous!


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