Just Because

by Vanessa on May 9, 2011

Overall, Chris and I have really been trying to embrace the philosophy of having less and doing more.  It’s great. This is how we have made our France trip this summer a reality. You don’t get to take any of your personal belongings with you when all is said and done…so why not live life and enjoy every moment. Hence going away and experiencing another culture.

That said – I still like having things – nice things!  I’ve mentioned before that I am very budget conscious. I’m especially happy when I find a good deal.  I love in the design magazines how they give you options at various price points.  There’s nothing like finding what you are looking for at a great price.

I really shouldn’t read design magazines anymore. They make me WANT. What do I want? I want new bedding and new everyday dishes.  I’ve had the same old tired stuff for years and I’m bored with it. I love white – to some, this is boring – to me – it is crisp, clean perfection.

I love the “hotel” chic look.  Don’t you think my bed would look absolutely fabulous with this look? Chris begs to differ.  He doesn’t get it.  In fact, he doesn’t even see the point in making a bed in the morning. He’ll say, “Why bother, I’m just going to get back in it tonight”.  MEN!  Don’t even get him started on all the pillows I like.

I wonder what my bed will look like in France.  I wish the house came with a maid.  Oh – to be a real princess.

As for dishes, I’m leaning towards these.

Who knows, my style could all change in the next 2 1/2 months. You’ll have to wait until after we come back from France to find out.

J’aime a rever.



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