Giant Omelette

by Vanessa on August 6, 2011

All day Chris was trying to convince me that tonight’s party in the square down by the port was a Guinness Book of World Records party.  Turns out there is a company that goes around France making a massive omelette for crowds.

Seriously – tonight was a GIANT OMELETTE party.  And by giant, I mean – 5000 eggs were used to make one omelette.

A band played while a bunch of chefs gathered (hats, massive stirring sticks and all) to make one enormous omelette.  Women cracked eggs into bowls, the egg mixture was then dumped into big sauce bins.  There was a massive frying pan.  They needed a forklift to lift the fry-pan over a bonfire.

The chefs poured bottles and bottles of oil into the pan, along with what we thought was liquid garlic.  The liquid was actually duck fat – YUCK!  Chives were also added to the mix – you know, for flavour :)

It was fun to watch, although I was dry-heaving at one point.  I wouldn’t eat that – people were smoking near it.   I’m sure a million little eggshells were cracked accidentally into the mixture – I mean were talking 5000 eggs.

The chefs were successful at completing this feat.  I’m not entirely sure why they call it a giant omelette.  It looked a lot more like scrambled eggs – but whatever. Any reason to throw a party.  Gotta love it!

We ran into a British couple who recognized us from back in June at the Jazz festival. They couldn’t believe we are still here.  They own a place in Marseillan and make many trips back each year spending a week or two at a time.

The evening ended rather abruptly after I discovered Devil # 1 terrorizing the boys.  She looked as though she was trying to beat them up.  Her fists were raised in the air as she barked at them.  After I made her apologize, I had to drag her butt home and talk to her about violence.  Good god child – she needs to develop some serious social skills.   I definitely have my work cut out for me.  Oh the joys of parenting!

Bonne journee!

PS – Is it so wrong that I actually enjoyed watching Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” documentary with Angel # 1?  It reminds me of my childhood obsession with NKOTB.  I truly believed that I would be married to Joey McIntyre one day :)


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