Fiesta Marseillan

by Vanessa on August 7, 2011

We hung around the village all day today.  We took my parents on a really long walk (almost 5 km) to the lighthouse.  I was pointing out all my favourite houses to Mom.  She always says she’s be more than happy to live in our guest house (which by the way, doesn’t exist – yet ) :)

Tonight’s plan was to eat at the Taverne du Port and participate in the festivities taking place down by the water.  When I went to make reservations at the restaurant, I was told that tables would be set up closer to the water and the menu would be different than normal. Taverne du Port was one of the hosting restaurants for the event.

When we arrived for our reservation, I quickly discovered we would be sitting at benches, and I believe eating buffet style.  I HATE buffets.  I am a princess – I do like to be served. (I could have easily been born into royalty.  I can do “the princess” so well).  So we changed the plan and went to eat at Entre Ciel et Mer.

It’s not one of my favourite restaurants in the hood (good – yes), but it is nice and the service is excellent.  There is one waitress that works there, and she is fantastic.  She always has a smile on her face, attempts to explain the “unknown” in English and is very pleasant to deal with.

My Dad decided to be adventurous.  He ordered escargot.  He likes escargot.  Not sure he liked Marseillan’s take on escargot.  He was literally served the snail still in its shell.  We were joking saying that it was still alive.  He was a good sport and ate them…Chris helped too!

It’s so weird in the grocery stores here. The fish section is enormous and they have a major selection of snails / seafood you can imagine….but it’s like going out and buying seashells.  So different from back home.  Here you are served or buy the entire shrimp, fish with its eyes / tail still in tact.  It’s a though everything has been plucked right from the sea and put on your plate for consumption.

Tonight’s party – well – not entirely sure what we were celebrating.  It was a Fiesta called “Feloche Juanafe”.  I will have to Google this.  It all sounded very Spanish inspired and yet there was really nothing Spanish about it.  The band played music in French…so I’m confused.

Anyhow, the music was very good and very French for a change.  All the concerts we have been going to play North American music.  It was nice to hear something that sounded very French.  The lead singer of the band was rather eclectic.  He had interesting stage presence and certainly got the crowd going.

At one point he said he kept hearing “les grenouilles”…translation…frogs.  I’m not sure what that was all about.  He was also making everyone chant “bateau”. Dad thought the band sounded a lot like a Newfoundland band – only it was in French.   Again, the whole thing was bizarre but fun!

We didn’t stay long – early night.  We had to be up super early (as in 7 am) to get my parents off to the train station.  They head on the rest of their journey to Provence.  They are going to have a blast!

Us – well – we have 2 weeks left.  We intend on enjoying every last minute of it.

A la prochaine.

PS – Four nights of partying in a row and we are bagged.  I think we will spend the next few nights in and read a book or something.  Just finished “What Alice Forgot”.  Need something new to read….suggestions?

PPS – Everything is starting to come out at night now on our rooftop patio.  First we had a duck, then a cat followed, next came a lizard and then last night, we saw what looked like a preying-mantis.  It was huge!  What’s next!?!  Looks like everyone / everything like to party in July and August in France.



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