Fete des Vacances

by Vanessa on July 30, 2011

Tonight there was a party in the square down by the port.  I think it was to celebrate Fete des Vacances.  The French will find any reason to throw a party.  Love that!

Anyhow, a big stage was set up in the square with a band.  At first when they started singing, I had no idea what the theme was or why they were even there to begin with.  But then after listening for a while, I discovered that they started the evening off with theme songs from famous movies.  I’m sure the big TV screens with the films running in the background helped me figure this out :)

This got me to thinking – what’s your theme song?  Mine – “You’re The Only One That I Want” from the all time classic, Grease, by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.  I loved this movie.  I still do!  Ask my mom and my aunt (you too Mich), I must have watched this movie on VHS (yes – I am old) until it broke.

I also love Grease 2 with Michelle Pfeiffer.  She’s one of my all time favorite actresses. Witches of Eastwick – anyone!  Not a lot of people have seen Grease 2.  I recommend you go and rent it.  Super Cheesy!  I especially love the scene where she is climbing the ladder singing “Cool Rider”.  Oh, the memories!

The music was fun.  The band known as “Bernard Becker” busted out the Ghostbusters theme song, Dirty Dancing’s “I Had the Time of My Life”…I pulled out some dance moves.  As you can see from the photo, so did Chris. And, much, much more.  They also did the Aladdin theme song in French.  The Angels loved that!  They enjoyed watching the clip of the movie on the monitors.

During Act 2,  the band came out with more current songs like, Grenade by Bruno Mars, and S & M by Rihanna (that song is very popular in this village).

At one point, one of the female lead singers came out with a glitter dress on. I   need to get me a glitter dress – love the sparkle.  Everyone needs a little sparkle.  That’s why I have a chandelier in almost every room back home!

Such a fun night!  Again, I can’t stress enough how much I love this little village called Marseillan.  It is starting to feel like a second home for me!

J’aime la musique.

PS – Angel # 2 now greets me like the French with 3 kisses on either cheek.  This is the only way she will kiss me.

PPS – Angel # 1 took a nasty spill running around the square. She did a number on her knees.  Blood, crying – all the drama you would expect from a little girl.  l sympathize – I would cry too.

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