Fete de l’Huitres

by Vanessa on August 5, 2011

I'm a young Picasso in training.

I wanted to take my parents to the Jardin de Naris.  This was our second time dining at this restaurant.  This time I made sure to reserve a spot out on the back patio (aka jardin).  It’s all kinds of charming…only problem…people can smoke out there!

This has been by far my favourite restaurant in Marseillan.  The last time we ate there, it was a special menu.  This time we got to experience the real deal..so many prix fixe options.  Chris had lamb, I had vegetable lasagna, my Mom had salmon and my Dad ate steak. Awesomeness – we all loved our dinners.

We also had a Merlot – Marselan wine from the cave La Madeleine Saint Jean…local wine maker. They are actually the last private wine producer in Marseillan.  You can go into their cave and sample the wines.  You can also buy a “bag in a box”, taste the wines or bring in a jug and fill it up.  So many options!

During dinner we were taking photos. Angel # 2 said, “Mom you got to put that up on Facebook”.  This is where it is at, people.  Even the youngest of young understand the need & popularity of social networking.

After dinner we headed down to the port.  Tonight was the Greg Aria concert in the port (again a concert is named after one guy but there are multiple singers – and I don’t mean just backup singers.)  It was a celebration of oysters.  We are in a small fisherman village after-all.  Might as well party and be thankful for the sea and the oysters that help this local economy thrive.

The oyster party was a huge success – massive turnout.  I’ve never seen oysters so big.  The crowd was dancing up a storm. Chris said, “It looks like a senior citizens mosh pit.”  So funny!

Massive oysters...not my thing.

The Angels decided to partake in the festivities. They were front row and centre watching the band play.  At one point Chris said, ” Look they are line dancing”.  My Dad corrected him saying, ” No, they are doing the loose goose boogey.” Angel # 1 proceeded to stick a finger up her nose.  She thought that meant picking your nose to get a boogey :)

I vowed not to use the public washrooms that night.  But as usual, I had to make 2 trips to the Port-A-Potty, not just one.  The Angels insisted they had to pee.  They were actually pretty clean.  I ended up walking in on a couple of people who forgot to lock the doors – oops, sorry!

The party was still going strong when we decided to make our way home.  Angel # 2 needed to be carried home she was so tired.

Tres amusant!

PS – Spa day is now for everyone in the house. Grandma & Papa are included. Angel # 1 makes sure they sign up in advance, they actually have to sign a contract.  She then puts make-up on my Mom and Dad (I’ve not been given permission to use the photos).  The Angels actually make them look like clowns.  Angel #1 was trying to convince my Mom to go out with the make-up on.  She was terribly disappointed when Mom washed it off.  I don’t blame her – it was rather funny :)



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