Chez Philippe

by Vanessa on August 1, 2011

Every Saturday marks another week that has passed of our France vacation.  We officially have 3 weeks remaining.  Ugh!  Time really does go very fast!

We’ve basically tried almost all the restaurants in Marseillan.  We have only a FEW remaining.  Tonight we decided to give the Chez Philippe restaurant a try.  I am glad that we did.

This restaurant is located near the port and down by the park.  They have a lovely patio that sits on a bed of gravel rocks that have been perfectly raked.  I felt bad for the restaurant staff later in the evening after one little boy ran out and intentionally made track marks with his feet all through the gravel.  The Angels wanted to do it too, but we refused to let them get out of their seats until we were waiting for the bill or as the French say, “l’addition”.

The food was great.  The presentation equally great.  I love a well plated meal.  I am always impressed by a chef’s creative flair when decorating the plates.  Chez Philippe has awesome plates / dishes.  I love how they pair regular patio furniture and contrast it with modern upscale dish-ware.  I love the juxtaposition.  Now if they hung up some chandeliers (outdoor kind) in the tents – that would add another level of awesome decor to the place!

The restaurant staff were more than accommodating when we asked if the Angels could share a kid’s meal.  Thank god they did – it was huge.  The staff brought out an extra plate for their meal.  They even decorated it for the Angels.  I thought that was a very nice touch.

My dessert had to be one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten here.  It was a chocolate cake, but no ordinary one.  The crust was made out of a chocolate bar.  It was filled with mousse, lined by lady fingers, had black-cherries on top and berries all around the plate, and was drizzled with jam all over.


Chris thought the wine menu was expensive.  He is getting so used to the inexpensive wines available.  I think alcohol in France may even be cheaper than food.  Our fridge here reminds me of a frat house – it is filled with more booze than food.  I’m not sure how Chris is going to handle going back to the LCBO pricing in Toronto.  We will be forced to drink less as our budget won’t be able to accommodate the higher rates :)

Dinner lasted 2 hours.  I can’t believe how well behaved the Angels have been at all restaurants. (Hopefully I didn’t just jinx it :) ) They would have never been able to handle this before we came to France. In fact, I can’t believe how much the Angels have changed and grown up so far this summer.

Angel # 2 is still very much into princesses.  Angel # 1,on the other hand, thinks that princesses are so passe.  She doesn’t think Dora is cool anymore either.  She thinks that stuff is for babies and so is the TV programming.  She says to me, “Mom, good shows are like Scooby Doo because there’s always a mystery to it, or High School Musical”.

She’s already started asking me what “popular” means – and – how she considers herself cool.  It pains me to hear her say things like that.  I wish I could just bottle up her childhood.  But on occasion, I still see Angel #1 holding on to her childhood as she nestles up next to her sister to watch a Strawberry Shortcake movie.  Ask her and she will deny it – but – my baby is still in there!

Music filled the square down by the port yet again.  Smaller venue this time, smaller crowd.  Seeing as we hate to miss out on a party, we went to check it out.  The band was okay.  Chris wasn’t diggin’ the lead singer.  We let the Angels play for a bit and run around.  After about 45 minutes, we headed home to bed.

Avec Plaisir!

PS – I feel like I need to walk around with a dictionary these days.  The Angels are always asking me what a word means (as in the definition).  Ninety percent of the time, the most accurate definition escapes me.  It’s amazing how we communicate and use words in proper sentences, but then when asked what they mean (from a child) and you can’t articulate it :)



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