Chez Nous

by Vanessa on July 28, 2011

I’m doing the happy dance as I type this.  We have visitors coming to see us.  My parents are coming to Marseillan very soon.

They are heading on a whirlwind trip of their own.  I’m so proud of them for doing this – and a little sad it took them so long to be able to do this.  They have deserved this my whole life.

Their trip begins when they fly into Paris and stay there for a few days.  I hope they go to see the Tour de France.  The tour finishes on the Champs d’Elysees.  Definitely not to be missed!

They will then train to Montpellier.  Chris will go and pick them up.  They will stay with us for a few days while we dazzle them with our wonderful village in Marseillan.  I am super stoked.  There a quite a number of events happening when they are here….should be a good time.  I’ve already created an itinerary and meal plan.  I know the restaurants I want to go to.  Totally anal retentive – totally me! Blame my parents – they made me!  Chris just wants to take them down to the wine co-op and get wine.  He’s very impressed with this co-op thing :)

I’ve already warned my parents they are fresh blood.  Meaning – we will be talking their ears off.  They will be happy to get on the rest of their journey and back to peace and quiet.

Next stop for my parents – Nice, France – where they will tour around for a couple of days in Provence.  They will then board a train (hopefully not the junky piece of crap train we took 10 years ago :) ) and head to Rome.

My parents are so lucky they get to see Rome. I love that city!  So amazing!  So much history!  They will tour Italy on a bus with some friends, then board a cruise boat and tour the Mediterranean.

This is their trip of a lifetime and I wish them nothing but the best.

Hugs and kisses, Mom and Dad.

A Bientot!




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