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by Vanessa on August 11, 2011

The countdown has begun…we only have a few days remaining in Marseillan.  We’ve decided to take things easy and hang around this wonderful village.  We rented some bikes with kids’ seats.  My god – a little daunting riding with Angel #2 on the back.  I’ve never done that before.  My abs are working overtime balancing for two.

I have this serious phobia of falling…don’t ask me why.  I just do. I don’t like roller blading, downhill skiing or ice skating.  I’m okay on a bike but I prefer the stationary kind you find in a spin class :)  So I’m proud of myself for riding around with a child on the back even though Chris keeps calling me a “Grandma”.

You see – I have a lot of rules when I’m biking.  I don’t want to ride where there are cars and traffic.  I have to remind Angel #2 not to move in the slightest, as the bike tilts and I feel like were are going to bail.  Angel #1 wants to race…no thank you.  Such a nervous nelly, I know.  But hey – I’ve tried something new.  Gotta give me credit for that!  Angel #2 assures me I’m doing a great job.

We’ve been going to the beach a plenty – lots of sun action.  Chris is darker than I have ever seen him before.  Angel #1 is not that far behind him.  Angel #2 and I have a nice glow but we are nowhere near as dark.  Must be nice to have olive skin tone. I bailed in the sand the other day while playing paddle ball with Chris.  He was busting a gut laughing…says it was a total “Vanessa Move”.

We’re down to the last of restaurants.  The Angels really wanted to eat at “La Maison de Camille”.  So in an effort to please them, we took them to this creperie for dinner.  We’ve only been there for dessert before.  We should have just stuck to the dessert.   I prefer the crepes in Quebec City.  Dinner was not that good and the service was lacklustre.  I did like the decor though.  They have great chairs.  They remind of me the chairs I have back home on my deck.  I miss my deck!

The Angels quickly became Devils during dinner.  It’s so upsetting when Angel #2 keeps saying “I hate you” at absolutely everything.  That’s her go to catch-phrase these days.  I don’t think she really understands the impact these words have…but I do catch myself with hurt feelings from time to time.

I really don’t think the Devils have any idea how lucky they really are.  Most kids don’t.  That’s the way it goes…they will look back when they are older and realize they were very fortunate. And, they have two parents who love them to death.  Or maybe they won’t …time will tell.

I’m beginning to think you only become a parent so you can, one day, be a grand-parent.  I think that is probably the best…no rules…no discipline…just pure fun!  I don’t want to rush the years…time already goes way too fast…but I look forward to those days.  I’m sure I was an ungrateful child too…only I hope I have since made up for it.  I adore my parents.  So lucky to be close to them!

I think I must be PMS’ing.  I know TMI – whatever.  I think I might be a bit emotional because our trip is nearing an end.  I’ve been slowing down on the dessert consumption as well as a bit depressed…add to that bad mannered children…and well I left the restaurant early. I came home to draw a bath, pour a glass of wine and finish my book.  I let Chris deal with the Devils while I chillaxed. Thank god for tag-team parenting.

As you can see, Chris is very relaxed. It's all that wine!

Speaking of my book, “One Day” by David Nicholls.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it…go read it’s good…but sometimes I like a good Hollywood ending…this one just left me really, really sad!  Go figure!  A movie is set to be released this summer staring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.  I wonder how Hollywood is going to end the film….certainly not a traditional happy go-lucky ending, that’s for sure.

Night jousting is coming up in a couple of days.  I imagine it is the same as day jousting only done at night.  We’ll definitely be checking it out! [Update: Night Jousting – super cool!  Such a fun sport to watch.]

Beaucoup d’amour!

PS- Returned to Chateau du Port & Taverne du Port for dinner. Second time round – both still excellent.  Tonight at Taverne, I was thanked by the owners for writing about them in my blog.  Only here!   Most flattered.  The Angels were also given necklaces made by JC Chabrol (local artist).  The Angels have dubbed him “The Painter”.  He told me the necklaces are good luck charms – maybe for our travels back home. Unbelievably generous, thoughtful and kind.

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