Back To Pezenas

by Vanessa on June 28, 2011

Thanks Chris for letting me use this photo and taking one for the team.

While reading through travel brochures the other day, we discovered that the town of Pezenas has an aquatic centre with an outdoor pool.  The Angels LOVE swimming in a pool.  They practice all their swimming lesson moves all the while trying to convince me they are doing synchronized swimming (like mom).

Last night we had a crazy loud thunderstorm.  We awoke this morning thinking the day would be a complete bust.  But no – it cleared up a little – was warm (not too hot) and cloudy.  We decided to try out this pool.  So there we were – driving back to Pezenas – yet again.

It didn’t seem as long getting there the second time around – now that we know where we are going.  We still struggled for a bit with the GPS that kept telling us to turn down a one-way street.  We did – until I screamed at Chris and he realized we were driving the wrong way down this one-way street.  Eventually we managed get our bearings and found the aquatic centre.  Thanks to Chris – whose sense of direction and map reading skills far out-way my own.

Entrance to the facility was 2,20 E each – not bad, eh?  Well worth it – given we stayed for 3 hours.  We all got our suits on.  Chris goes to get in the pool when the lifeguard starts flagging him down.  Apparently, in France you have to wear a speedo type bathing suit.  Not like in Canada, where you can wear shorts.  Crap – Chris doesn’t have a speedo suit.

This is where it gets good….

The pool staff loaned Chris some other guy’s speedo. I’m thinking it was from the lost and found. Gross, right?  But no – they disinfect them.  His other option was to BUY a swimsuit from a VENDING machine.  I’m serious – this is GENUIS.  They actually have machines that sell swimsuits for both men, women and kids.  You can purchase goggles, nose plugs, bathing caps, etc… BRILLIANT!  Hello, People!  Why don’t we have this in Canada?  Chris and I need to make this happen back home.  I was thinking back to all the times at synchro practice when someone’s suit ripped, or nose plugs & bathing caps broke.  I feel a money making opportunity here :)

The pool was a perfect temperature.  The Angels swam for hours. I’m surprised they haven’t fallen asleep yet. Chris is taking a nap at the moment.  The swimming wore him out.  Chris and I practiced doing some lengths in the lap pool.  I was tired after swimming 100 metres.  I’m second guessing myself here – I’ve signed up for a Try-A-Tri (mini triathlon) a week after we come back home from France.  Not sure what I was thinking.  I’m out of shape already and we are only 2.5 weeks into our vacation. CRAP – DOUBLE.CRAP!

Oh and ladies – you know who I’m talking to – I am SO wearing the GOLD suit at the triathlon.  Just as long as I can squeeze this new body of mine into it.  I’m eating far too much cheese and drinking far too much wine.

Speaking of cheese, no word of a lie, Angel # 1’s farts smell like cheese.  Port-Salut to be specific.  I can hardly believe it myself.  Oh and the windshield washing fluid in France smells like perfume.   I think we may have even seen our first French prostitute today – out in the vineyards no less. Maybe that’s how they roll here.

I’ve also been observing the French.  They actually kiss each other 3 times. Once on each cheek and then one extra kiss.  Not sure what the 3rd kiss means – maybe good luck :)  Either way, whenever I see them kiss, I wonder if anyone has ever missed and head-butted someone else or actually kissed them right in the centre of the face.

The things I’ve learned today while driving home from Pezenas.  I’m sure we will be back there before our vacation is up.  More swim practice required.

Beacoup d’amour.


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